Shop Westwood Collection Bridal for elegant brides tiaras and wedding veils.  All items are in stock and available for immediate shipment.  We specialize in custom color and feature Swarovski crystals in over 40 colors--match your gown, your wedding color theme.  Wedding veils in custom lengths and colors with extensive selection of lace edges and colored edge accents to match your gown. Call today.  



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Hello, I'm Walter...I and my lovely wife Lisa have been creating bridal headpieces, veils and wedding accessories for over 20 years. We enjoy our work and love to create beautiful designs for the that most special day--your wedding day. Please give us a call if you have something special in mind.
















Roda 1 Roda 2  Roda 3

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cami  cruise vanessa  cruise van face  ipod

poppy giftset 1  poppy giftset 2  topmodel barbie summer

top model steffie

shipping box  Elfdoll logo  foam cutout  goodies in box  Jade in foam  Jade Standing

Jade sitting  Jade face

Roda white dress


Audrey beige crochet sewater


Jayde on roda front head   Jayde on roda body full   Jayde on Roda body neck

Jayde on roda body torso  Jade Roda front head only  Jayde Roda profile head only

June on Jayde body


Faith front     faith back     faith head body   faith legs comps

Lishe back    lishe front     lishe face

Belita Front  Belita side Belita side 2

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brown   Souldoll blue green   Souldoll lavender      Eyeco green      Eyeco LA      Eyeco Forest

Volks  Eyeco light blue Soom purple

goldenrod wig    sandy brown wig


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